What makes you love what you do?

  • To love my job, I am happy, passionate and always looking to improve my art. Everyone I work with has a unique story to tell through their photographs. A tender smile, tears, and laughing out loud, are different ways we all react to moments. As long as I have these moments, I will continue to create a beautiful experience for my clients.

How would you describe your style of photography?

  • My style of photography definitely combines the use of dramatic shadows and vivid colors, with a good amount of street photography inspiration. On my downtime, I love nothing more, than going to New York or Philadelphia and searching for interesting stories in moody lighting. After I developed this style, I continued to use it to express myself by using it while shooting weddings and portraiture.

Will you be my primary photographer?

  • Yes! Whether it is your wedding or family session, I am your primary photographer.

Do you use a second photographer or assistant?

  • Yes, I always suggest having a second angle. As storytellers, it is important to get as many moments and reactions as possible. While I am shooting the bride and groom during their first dance, a second shooter may get grandma wiping her tears. My assistants are experienced in the field but non-shooters during your event or session. They help with directing couples and lighting as needed.

Can you hold a specific date for me?

  • Yes, I most certainly can hold your date. To do so, I require full payment for portrait sessions and a 50% retainer fee for all events.

Are you available for my destination wedding?

  • Although I am located in New Jersey, most of my weddings are out of the state. I am also available for weddings abroad!

Will you shoot a completely different style, if requested?

  • My style of photography has a great use of moody shadows and documentary portraiture. If you are looking for someone who uses highlighted shadows or the “light and airy” look, I may not be the photographer for you. However, I have very good friends and colleagues who are fantastic in other styles. Instead of turning you completely away, I will always give suggestions.

How do we get the raw, unedited images?

  •  You most likely are spending a lot of money for your wedding or portrait session, which is why I like to take care of all professional edits. If your uncle is a graphic designer, we still do not allow any outside editing of the David Kristofer Photography studio.

My best friend is a professional photographer. Can they shoot with you?

  • I always support other photographers. However, I encourage guests to not shoot alongside myself and my crew. This can create distractions while shooting your wedding or portrait session.

We have to cancel our event. Is our retainer fee refundable?

  •  Once your deposit is paid, I block out the date(s) exclusively for you. Whether it is 6 months or 2 years in advance –  no one can take your date. If for some reason have to cancel, your retainer is non-refundable.

How long will it take to receive our image gallery?

  • For portrait sessions 6-8 weeks and weddings 10-12 weeks. However, depending on the season, it could be much sooner!

Do you charge a download fee in our image gallery?

  • Every collection includes your edited photos in an image gallery, with a free download code. I do not believe in any hidden fees or charges.

Can we order custom prints and/or albums?

  • Included in your image gallery is an online store. The online store has small to large custom print options. If you would like an album, I will send a separate brochure with many options.

Want to learn more about David Kristofer Photography?

  • I would love to hear from you. If you like coffee or craft beer like I do, we could have one of the best meetings of your life. Email me via our Get in Touch tab. There is a cool little quiz that everyone seems to get a kick out of!